Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Learning the US States and Capitals!

Here's a catchy little video we've been watching in school.....enjoy it!  The kids have been loving the tune and grooving to it all during the day!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Family Math Mornings begin TOMORROW 10/10 !!

Be sure to join us for our first Family Math Morning on Tuesday, October 10th!  There will be quite a few "delicious" offerings on our first menu of activities......

Parents/Guardians can bring their coffee and their excitement for math as they join the kids for some games that we use in class!  There will be some ideas to take home, too, so come if you can!

Our school (and classroom) doors open at 7:30am, and we play until 8:00am.  See you then!

:)Mrs. Berliner

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Let's Celebrate our Stories!

We enjoyed a peaceful celebration Friday afternoon as we read each other's stories and complimented each other on our efforts!  We can all agree that we are talented story tellers and it was a blast to take time to reflect and be proud of ourselves.  Nice work, Kids!

The Wild Robot.....

Friday was a special day for us in lots of ways!  One thing that made it a rockin' day for us was our investigtion about bones and tendons.  Students built "robot fingers" to demonstrate how our real fingers work with muscles, tendons, and bones..... it was a nice way to learn more about our human structures AND to celebrate the completion of an amazing read aloud  - The Wild Robot!  It's a 2017-2018 DCF Book....and we really enjoyed it!

How and what do different birds eat?

LET'S INVESTIGATE !!  Our class did a fun and informative science investigation as we concluded our last unit of study.  Students explored how different beak structures allow birds to successfully enjoy different diets.  Students collected data and explained results....and had a pretty good time in the process!